Are you interested in serving at Journey? There are many opportunities!

You can serve in a number of areas in Journey on Sundays and all throughout the week. Feel free to browse through specific areas and use the form below to mark the areas where you would like to serve.

How Can You Serve


Involves serving in a band as a worship leader or musician to lead the congregation in giving praise to God through music.

Time Commitment:  Midweek practice session for about 2 hours plus Sunday mornings run through. Those that are part of the team for Sunday Worship is expected to come as early as 7:45 am and serve in two services.


Works behind the scenes to make it possible to share the message through amplified sound, recordings, presentations, website, social media platforms and other forms of communication.

Time Commitment: Midweek task such as maintaining website and social media platforms, graphics, video recording and editing, and song translations. Also, those assisting Worship are expected to come for practice sessions (midweek, Sunday mornings).


Includes, Journey Kids, Nursery and Youth. Ensure spiritual growth among the kids and youth.

Time Commitment:  At least 1-1.5 hours on Sundays.

Guest Experience

If you are welcoming,  good listener,  intuitive, helpful,  and flexible. You could be part of this amazing team! Includes ushering, hospitality, welcoming people as they arrive (greeters), preparing the church before the service, and cleaning after, ensuring that the church is a safe and comfortable place for everyone.

Time Commitment: Expected to come earlier before the service.